Why Emily?

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Is Emily the right trainer for me?

General notes for clients exploring which trainer is right for them.

I’m good at excruciatingly minute detail, and how it fits into the bigger picture of Dressage. I have a very sensitive eye, and can tell when one of your seat bones needs to come 2 mm to the right and 1 mm down. If you like this kind of detail, I might be your trainer.

I like to keep the atmosphere at the barn relaxed. I’m not upset by shavings in the tail or unpolished boots. If you aren’t either, I might be your trainer.

I like to use natural horsemanship to help horses gain suppleness and confidence. I don’t use draw reins, side reins, or tight nose bands. The horses and I occasionally play with tarps or umbrellas. I tend towards rope halters, since they give a good feel for ground work. If this sounds interesting or you are already using some of these methods, I might be your trainer.

I like to compete when well prepared and with the goal of having fun. However, competition is not my highest priority. My highest priority is helping horses and riders find the magic and intimacy of Dressage.

I am an open book and tend to make real friends with my students. If you like this kind of atmosphere, I might be your trainer.

I lean towards the natural side of horse management. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, I maintain horses barefoot. I let their whiskers grow, but I do clean up the hair under the jaw on spa day. I use and encourage safe, non toxic fly sprays. If this sounds right up your alley, I might be your trainer.

I believe in natural nutrition! I am a Dynamite representative; I sell and recommend these products because they have no bi-products, have amino acid chelated minerals that are highly absorbable and usable by the body, and have super clean, high quality ingredients. My clients are not obligated to feed Dynamite, but most of them do because most of them do because they love the results. If you like this kind of approach, I might be your trainer.

I’m not a treat feeder. GASP! Feeding treats creates an obstacle between me and the horse, reducing our interactions to cookie dispenser and cookie monster. I also dislike the bribery aspect of treats, and expect more of our relationship than reducing it to, “ I will because I want my cookie”. I much prefer to be a leader, partner, confidant, friend. My horses like me for the interesting conversations we have, for the meaningful work (and play!) that we do together, for the way I listen and respond to their needs, ideas, and opinions. They like me because they feel secure when I am around. I am not opposed to treats in the bucket or feed bin, or in highly specific situations, but in general I find they are more of a hindrance than a help. If this kind of deep relationship interests you, I’m probably your trainer!

Finally, safety is my highest priority: for my students, for the horses and for myself. I will take all precautions necessary to keep you – and me!- safe. Usually this means doing the homework to make sure your horse is relaxed and ready for you. Sometimes it means that we declare a “ wind warning” day, and skip the ride rather than futilely try to accomplish something in the face of hurricane force winds. In rare instances, I may decide the horse is not safe for me or you… hard news to hear, but a measure of how much I value your safety. If we share this priority, I might be your trainer.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting you.

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