Emily and Ameeshka

Founding Principles

Emily trains at a productive, patient pace, and her horses achieve these goals.


Mental and physical. My horses learn to trust the process, to have confidence in themselves and their ability to learn. Their soft, supple bodies become available to the rider.


Calm focus and attention on their rider/handler. Horses crave real leadership, and thrive when they trust and respect their rider/handler.


Sensitivity to signals from rider/handler, anticipating the neutral place beyond the reaction. This is CRITICAL in developing an eager work ethic, thoroughness, lightness, engagement, and self-carriage.

Throughness, Balance & Self Carriage

Developed through gymnastics such as circles, lateral work, transitions within the gaits, and transitions between the gaits.


Circle of Care

Emily takes all aspects of horse care into consideration, especially:


Maintaining current levels of training, and advancing education requires frequent, consistent training sessions. During these sessions, horses acquire the mental concentration needed, the physical strength and flexibility required, and learn new skills.


Nutrition effects every aspect of the horse: weight, mental calm, suppleness, and energy level.  Emily loves customizing the best program for each horse.

Saddle Fit

Our Saddle Fitter Kristin.

Horses are extremely unique in their saddle needs. Each horse has a personal “thumbprint” in terms of back length, width, shape of withers and ribcage, elbow conformation, and more, requiring a custom fit saddle and bi-annual refitting. Extremely satisfying results are attained when one provides true saddle fit, particularly free movement and willingness to perform.


High performance dentistry done by a qualified equine dentist is crucial in the comfort and health of your horses. We make sure they are maintained in a timely manner.

Natural Hoof Care

Emily is a proponent of barefoot hoof care where possible. She is trained as a barefoot trimmer, trims her own horses, and works closely with the best of the best barefoot friendly farrier.

Body Work

Chiropractic, myofacial release and massage are modalities used to help horses stay limber and comfortable in Emily’s barn.

Psychological Needs

Prodigy Plastic

Social needs, play time, and satisfying, varied work under saddle (including ground work and/or trail riding time). Emily is highly tuned to her horses need to be horses and have a job they enjoy.

Health Issues

Very often when horses have ongoing resistance in their training, there is an underlying physical problem. These issues are addressed in a sensitive and timely manner.

Galloping Horse Happy Horsey