Emily Teaching

What Are Emily’s Strengths?

Emily is especially good at teaching riders through 3rd level and riders entering dressage from other disciplines.

She gives positive feedback and teaches from the place of “what to do, instead of what not to do” as often as possible. She uses very precise information and pays close attention to the timing of how her instructions are given. Emily is also able to moderate the level of challenge easily, adjusting up and down as necessary.

Learning Styles

Emily uses multiple styles of teaching: verbal, visual, and tactile, adapting to what will work best in that moment for each student. She'll often explain, demonstrate, or physically place the rider where needed in order to help the rider achieve new skills.


Riders will learn various gymnastic figures in the arena to support the learning process. This helps find the right feeling without over thinking things.

Hands On with Student

How Does Emily Teach?

Emily works from the micro level to the macro level, and knows how to advance students while developing their independence. She also sets a safe and fun learning environment.

Big Pieces, Little Pieces, the Literal & the Esoteric

An example of a small, literal piece would be “pull your left shoulder back and weight your left seat bone”. An example of a larger, more esoteric piece would be “focus on getting the horse’s energy all the way to their right ear”. Emily's students learn both.

Developing Independence

Emily develops independent riders by strategically giving room for exploration and independent practice. She knows when to allow silence and let a student discover something. Giving space to explore is a valuable and enjoyable part of the process. Riders can “find their own feet” and know that they will not get too far off the path.

What is the Atmosphere Like?

Emily is patient, kind and positive, and cheerfully challenging. Riders set up for success, encouraged and challenged, but never over faced.  She keeps the atmosphere light and easy, she is always on your side when giving corrections or pressing for improvement.

Lunge Line

Beginner Expectations

Emily loves starting Beginners! She really enjoys starting people on their journey. “It’s so much fun to put the right patterns into people right from the beginning. Most of my students have loved horses all their lives, I love making that dream come true”, she says.

She points out that many people come to her with concerns about their age or lack of experience and rushes to assure anyone with these concerns that it’s never too late, and first timers are welcome. She has started so many horse lovers who are just now able to pursue their horse dreams. Often all the way to owning their first horse!

The environment is welcoming, and each piece of information is given in small doses, with close help and assistance, until it’s easy!

What Will My First Lesson Be Like?

You will learn to halter, lead, groom, and saddle your horse. The tacking up process can take a couple of lessons to get down. Emily recommends doing a few lessons in a row when you start. Once you have learned this, you begin work in the saddle.

Emily starts you on a lunge line, which is a long rope, which allows her to control the speed and direction of the horse. It’s very safe and makes it easier for you to learn how to position your body while you are just starting out. When you are ready, you will graduate off the lunge line.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Students should invest in a helmet, paddock boots and gloves. ½ chaps also improve your experience. Jeans are discouraged since they ride up and rub saddle sores on your legs.

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