About Emily

I’ve had a passionate love for horses since early childhood, and have been teaching and training for over 30 years. In this time I’ve taught children and adults, in privates or large groups. I’ve taught Western, Jumping, and of course, Dressage.

Personal experience includes Competitive Trail Riding, Endurance Racing, Hunters, and Dressage. Over the years I’ve worked with Arabians, Fresians, Quarter Horses, Thorobreds, Warmbloods and everything in between. I’ve trained every stage, from weanling to PSG and I-1. I use a lot of ground work and natural horsemanship in my training and believe in keeping it light and fun.

Dressage has been my focus for 25 years. I school all the Grand Prix movements, and have shown to PSG (recognized) and I-1 (schooling). I aspire to the Grand Prix and my Gold Medal.


    • USDF Silver Medalist
    • USDF Bronze Medalist
    • USDF Horse of the Year, 4th level
    • Region 5 4th level Champion
    • Region 5 3rd level Reserve Champion
    • New Mexico State Champion PSG
    • New Mexico State Champion 4thLevel
    • Coached New Mexico State Champion Training, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level as well as earning a USDF Bronze Medal

Atmosphere & Attitude

I provide a relaxed atmosphere for my clients. Our barn is one with good camaraderie, non-competitive and fun. I’m passionate, approachable, and patient.

While training and lessons are the primary components of my program, I really enjoy working with people and their horses on all aspects of care and partnership. Hoof care (I’m a proponent of barefoot when at all possible), nutrition, saddle fit, dentistry, body work, and the emotional needs of horse and rider are critically important in creating harmonious partnerships.

Any student who is sincere, regardless of saddle type, type of horse, age, or experience is welcome in my program. I’m happy to teach students from other disciplines and horses of any breed.

Personal Life
I’m very interested in health, personal development, connection and leadership skills. I love a good book and read a lot of history and biography. Additionally, I enjoy time in the mountains, and riding my bike.

Primary Influences Include: Jeremy Steinberg, Sandy Howard, Mary Wanless, Christine Traurig, Edward Gal, Linda Tellington Jones, Clinton Anderson, Sarah Hall, Joanie Bolton, and Terry Coppin, among others.  I traveled to Germany to train with Hans Biss.

Get In Touch
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Email: em***@ke***********.com

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