What does it cost?

Lessons and Training sessions are approximately 45 minutes and cost between $50 and $90 depending on your program. If you need use of my school horse, you’ll pay a bit more because there is a school horse fee. The more often you take lessons and training, the less it costs per session. I sell the following packages:

  • Lesson per week $60
  • Lessons per week $110 (or $55 per lesson)
  • Days per week training, per month $600
  • Days per week training, per month $800
  • Days per week training, per month $1000
  • Use of my school horse horse, $30 per lesson in addition to lesson cost

What if we miss a session?

I have a ticket system. If you buy 16 sessions, I write you 16 tickets, and we pull one ticket every time I ride your horse or you have a lesson. This way, if I miss a day due to a vet visit, sickness, overwhelm, or anything else, you still get every session you pay for.

What if I don’t have my own horse?

I have a school horse for my students! You do pay a school horse fee, which helps support the cost of his upkeep. Space is limited since I keep his schedule very manageable for him, so speak up early for a spot on his saintly self.

I’m new, what should I wear?

Plan to buy a pair of paddock boots and a helmet at the very minimum. If you know you’re going to ride regularly and stick to it, then you’ll want riding pants and 1/2 chaps or tall riding boots. You’ll also want riding gloves. We don’t have a good local tack shop, so you’ll have to shop online. I can help you sort it all out, just contact me.

Do you market and sell horses?

Yes. I can sharpen and advance your horse’s training in preparation for sale. I can also make a professional quality video, post it online, take nice photos, and write a professional online ad. As your agent, I’ll work with potential buyers. Typically, you pay regular training and then a 10% sales commission, but I go on a case by case basis depending on the horse, the situation, etc.

I used to be in horses, and I’m ready for my next horse. Can you help me find a horse?

Yes. I am very good at helping people find horses. You’ll learn A LOT about movement and conformation in the process! Typically this is done for a 10% commission, but there are exceptions depending on the situation. It can be a lengthy process. Be prepared to be resilient and focused.

I just want to trail ride. Do you do that?

No. You’ll want to find a trail riding outfit for that.

I need help getting my horse to your barn. Do you have a trailer?

Yes. For horses that are within a 2 hour radius, I can help you move. I have a very nice 2 horse trailer that is safe and comfortable even for very large horses. For long distances, you’ll need a long distance shipper.

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